Solve-It-Blocks: the game with built-in brilliance.

Unlock your inner genius with this brilliant new game

Crosswords? Chess? Sudoku? The Rubik’s cube? Who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of solving a good puzzle and giving our brain a thorough workout at the same time?

Well, we’ve created a brilliant new game to challenge the best of us – whether we’re aged 2 or 102. And the best thing about it – you’ll have so much fun you won’t even realise all the clever new thinking skills you’re acquiring along the way.

Numeracy, sequencing, memory, literacy, algebra, communications, leadership and team-working learned in
childhood through structured play: these are all skills that make up computational thinking – a fundamental new way of problem solving which educationalists argue is the skill for the 21st century.

And these are all the skills our game naturally develops in an active, fun and engaging environment.


The Game... challenges

The Game consistes of 9 blocks which can be built in a 3x3 formation as a wall or on the floor. Each block is 280mm (approx 1 foot) cubed, life-sized for young children and has three colours (blue, yellow & red) on 2 faces of every cube. Each cube has transport symbols, geometric shapes,letters, numbers and national insignia to challenge players. A card with a 3x3 pattern is shown to the player(s) and they then have to arrange the blocks to match the pattern on the card. With 3,656,994,374,480 possible combinations, it provides a variety of difficulty levels which challenge a range of ages.

3,656,994,324,480 combinations!

With 3,656,994,324,480 possible combinations, it provides a variety of difficulty levels which challenge a range of ages. In research the blocks were repeatedly used by teachers and children to work in teams and improve solving problem skills in children.

Our academic paper is found here.